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Cotton yarn is so widely used

Cotton yarn cotton fiber is processed by spinning process made ​​by the partnership process known as cotton. Depending on the spinning process can be divided into carded yarn and combed. (1) carded yarn: cotton fiber is spun by ordinary yarn spinning system. (2) combed yarn: cotton fiber is spun into yarn combed yarn systems. Combed high quality raw materials, yarn fibers straight and parallel, miscellaneous knot less, good gloss, uniform evenness, high strength, high-end kind of cotton yarn used for weaving fabrics.
Cotton is so widely used, it can be used as woven yarn, such as: bed sheets, quilt, curtains and other home textiles. Can also be used as knitting yarn, combed yarn in particular can be used to produce higher quality requirements of textiles, such as high-end T-shirts, Fine poplin, cotton can also produce special industrial electrician yellow wax cloth, tire cord, high-speed sewing thread and embroidery lines.